Awning Windows

Unmatched versatility, flexible functionality, and effortless operation.
Awning windows provide great ventilation and protection from rain as they are hinged at the top and open by tilting outward from the bottom, resembling an awning when opened.

Because of this unique functionality and the fact that they are smaller than many other types of windows , awning windows can be placed higher up in walls, giving you the natural light and ventilation you desire without compromising privacy.

When closed, our awning windows provide a tight seal as the dual weather-stripping system features primary and compression weather seals that guard against moisture and provide one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. When opened, the signature awning-like effect enables you to savor the fresh breeze that accompanies a rainstorm without having to worry about rainwater getting inside your home.

Easy operation for hard-to-reach places Aptly named, awning windows are hinged along the top and open by tilting outward from the bottom, creating an awning-like effect. Even during a light rainstorm, this unique design allows fresh air to enter your home while keeping rainwater out.

Features & Benefits

  • Stepped internal and contoured external profile minimizes the frame and sash for more daylight
  • Low-profile, dual-lever locking handles controls for added security
  • Squareness ensured through an adjustable hinge system
  • Dual weather-stripping system for added weather protection featuring a high-density polycell gasket and a primary bulb seal
  • Recessed screen is positioned further outside to maximize the appearance of the stepped profile and providing more viewing area

Why Choose Minnesota Rusco?

We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products and the workmanship that goes into them. Our windows won’t just give you an amazing view they’ll enhance the way you see the world around you.

Are Awning Windows a Secure Choice for My Minneapolis, MN Home?

If you’re going to have replacement windows installed on your Minneapolis, MN home, there’s lots to consider. Not only should you make sure that your new windows look great and are energy efficient, but also that they will provide you with adequate home security. When it comes to home safety, awning windows are a secure choice for a number of reasons.

For starters, awning windows are often installed higher up on a wall than double-hung, casement, and other styles of windows, so they can provide you with the sunlight and ventilation you desire without offering an easily accessible means of entry to potential intruders. Awning windows also tend to be smaller than other windows styles, which can make them a more secure choice when it comes to preventing break-ins as it will be harder for a potential intruder to fit through the opening.

Since awning windows can only be operated with a crank from the inside, potential intruders won’t be able to open the window from the outside. What’s more, as far as locking mechanisms go, many awning windows like those manufactured by Minnesota Rusco Windows feature two low-profile locking handles that control a single point lock bar. This system provides incredibly security against forced entry attempts and can help keep your family and belongings safe.

Minnesota Rusco Awning Windows: Why Use Them – and Where?

Clean, simple lines and a minimal profile give Minnesota Rusco® awning windows the flexibility to integrate with just about any window application. These windows are hinged along the top and swing outward. Low profile, dual-lever locking handles provide added security, and squareness is ensured through an adjustable hinge system.

Minnesota Rusco awning windows provide today’s remodelers with the versatility necessary for modern architectural style. Use an awning window above or below a picture window to provide ventilation without obstructing the view. Create visual interest by stacking awnings with other awning or casement windows in a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Awning windows are also an excellent choice in areas that require privacy, such as over the master bed and above the shower or bathtub. By placing an awning window above eye level, you can bring ventilation and natural daylight to a space that would otherwise be dim and humid. In tight spaces, this use of awnings also means no cabinet space is lost to windows.

Minnesota Rusco awning windows open from the bottom, so wherever you place them they can allow air to circulate throughout your room, even when it’s raining. A dual weatherstripping system and polyurethane window frame insulation combine for the ultimate in energy efficiency.


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